Henrik Karlstad (Product Development) testing brake tolerance on a pair of Rollersafe skis.

RollerSafe is invented in Norway, designed to meet the rough and steep conditions roller skiers face in the Norwegian landscape. Originally, the idea back in 1999 was to improve brakes for roller skates. However, the lack of functional and efficient brakes for roller skis made this an evident gap to fill. Roller skiing is an increasingly popular exercise around the world, both among kids, younger athletes and less-experienced users. RollerSafe aims to improve safety and expand areas of use by introducing a technology truly different from anything in the market today.


The development process started 2010, with initial sketches and drawings, prototypes, testing, redesign and finally into commercial production. All development is done in RollerSafe’s head quarter in Son, Norway, with design studio, advanced test facilities, showroom and warehouse.


Custom designed test rigs are developed for life-time and stress tests of material tolerance, technology optimisation etc. The lab-tests are supported by extensive testing on the road.


Integrating hydraulic disc brakes into roller skis require complete redesign of the entire ski. Issues to be solved are balance, weight, brake effect, communication between ski and remote control, as well as user interaction.


RollerSafe has filed for patents (PCT) for the unique technology, including a series of possible smart applications arising from the electronic platform developed in the ski and remote.


…And the story continues; The RollerSafe team has just started on an exiting journey. Our ambition is to continue adding safety and smartness to rolling sports and mobility equipment.


To put it simple; we will enable more people to roll steeper, faster, but safer…


Read more about other applications here: www.givemeabrake.com

The team


RollerSafe AS consists of a compact and enthusiastic team, eager to use their professions, skills and passion to introduce the Smart Brake Technology around the world. We enjoy rollerskiing as one of the most efficient training method across any sport activity. We share your desire to roll anywhere, without fearing the steep downhill and curves.


With RollerSafe, we enable for a safer trip and more comfortable speed adjustment when needed. We hope users of all ages and experience levels can take advantage of this. Below is a quick intro to the core team. If you want to know more, or share your RollerSafe experience, let us hear from you.


Atle Stubberud

Born 1974, is the mastermind, inventor and chief designer of the RollerSafe concept. Combining his background as industrial designer with long term experience as cross country skier and biker, Atle created a concept to help more people roll steeper, faster, but safer. Atle is a dedicated sportsman, combining skiing with all sorts of biking (his own design, of course), and active instructor for many local kids included his own two.

Product Development

Henrik Karlstad

Born 1986, is head of production and technical development in RollerSafe. From his former job as precision mechanic on air fighters, Henrik has the attention to details that makes RollerSafe a unique product. Testing our roller skis is a daily activity for Henrik, and will probably help him to the triathlon race podium even more often. Henrik lives with his girlfriend and their son.

Awards and partners

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