“Roller ski revolution – I am simply impressed”

One of the most experienced rollerskiers in Norway, Per Morten Hoff, has tested RollerSafe.
As former leader of ICT Norway for 25 years, Mr. Hoff also knows something about smart technology..

He tested RS Classic over a 3 weeks period. Here is a short summary:

“Roller skis have become better and better, but it has mainly been an evolution. No revolution. RollerSafe is a revolution. The world’s first roller with disc brakes. Does it work? The answer is yes.

The uniqueness of RollerSafe is that you can easily reduce your speed. “Yes, you can plow”, will surely specialists say, but there is a limit to how long you manage to keep the pressure on to plow on roller skis. With rutted roads, many places will be very difficult and scary to plow. RollerSafe solves this, as you can easily slow down to a level so that you feel confident and in control. This is the revolution. Brake is on the ski pole and is designed as a trigger on a gun. I do not dare to stand on common roller skis down from Holmenkollen, but with RollerSafe is quite possible.

RollerSafe provides simply more freedom to go wherever you want and you feel safer. How are the skis? I tested RollerSafe a short trip for over a year ago, when there was talk of a prototype and the skis have been significantly better. RollerSafe’s rolling resistance is similar to an ordinary roller ski, I felt I had about the same rolling resistance as market leader Swix/Proski. The wheels have been very good and since you have brakes, they wear down the rubber less than if you are plowing. A complete set of wheels for a couple Swix or Swenor costs minimum NOK 350 for each wheel. RollerSafe has one-way bearing on the rear wheel, similar to a conventional roller. They are a bit heavier than a normal roller, but this I dit not noticed whatsoever in double poling. Possible one can feel that they are a little heavier to lead in diagonal, yet the stem is very stable and nice, so I thought they function well in diagonal technique.

I think all runners at any level will enjoy this innovation. I am simply impressed with what the enthusiasts in Son have achieved.”

Read the full text here (English translation): Rollersafe_roller-ski-revolution_english-summary

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