Jørgen Aukland: “RollerSafe brakes works very well”

Two of the most experienced and skilled rollerskiers, Jørgen Aukland (winner of Vasaloppet (2x) and Marcialonga (4x)) and Arne Post (world champion Winter triathlon (2x)) tested a range of the bestselling roller skis in Norway. Among them, RollerSafe. The test was published in the leading business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv.

aukland-og-post  aukland-og-post2

The conclusion from both skiers after testing RollerSafe’s electronic brakes: “It was surprisingly easy to use, and works very well”.

You find more from the test here (in Norwegian): http://www.dn.no/dnaktiv/2016/05/24/0917/Rulleski/nordisk-rulett

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